Dai Giac-Ancient Pagoda gate

Famous Ancient Pagodas in Vietnam

Đại Giác (Great Enlightenment) Pagoda or  Đại Giác cổ tự (Great Enlightenment Ancient Pagoda) in Cù Lao Phố Biên Hòa, the South’s oldest one, located in Cù Lao Phố Isle – an island staying at  the Dong Nai River, southeast of Bien Hoa City, Nhị Hòa Hamlet, Hiệp Hòa Commune, Đồng Nai Province.

Đại Giác Pagoda with Bửu Phong and Long Thiền Pagoda are the three early religious structures of Vietnam, started up in Dong Nai and the evidence for the Southward spreading in the first half of the 17th century by three monks of Rinzai lines in Cochin

Established in the 17th century by Zen Master Giác Liễu, the pagoda was rebuilt in the 19th century by Nguyễn Vương (Nguyễn King) who restored the bell tower, drum tower and the 225m high statue of Amitabha. In 1958 Venerable Thích Thiện Hỷ made a major restoration as the ancient architectureal style , and preserved many ancient statues and artworks. Pagoda has a wWoody board inscribed in gilt the pagoda name Đại Giác Tự (Great Enlightenment Pagoda)  with two side notes to show that the donation from  Nguyễn Thị Ngọc Ánh  the Third Princess  of Minh Mạng King resign. In front of the main house is the Bodhi tree planted in 1939.

Đại Giac ancient pagoda has been ranked as the national historical and cultural heritage since 1990.

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