Chua-Ton-Thanh Pagoda

Famous Pagodas in Vietnam

Ton Thanh pagoda is located in Thanh Ba Hamlet, My loc Commune, Can Giuoc District, Long an Province.

Master Vien Ngo built the pagoda in 1808, Gia Long reign. The pagoda and its abbot name are recored in the History of the Unification of Great Vietnam book (Đại Nam Nhất Thống Chí)

He invited casters to cast a bronze statue of Bodhisattva Ksitigarbha. For the first time, the statue was defected with a gap the size of a finger. Thus, Master Vien Ngo cut his right finger and put it into the melting bronze pot to help the completion of the statue.

Also at this pagoda, Mr Nguyen Đinh Chieu wrote literature, taught students, and cured patients. Under the roof of Ton Thanh pagoda, Nguyen Đinh Chieu wrote masterpieces such as Luc Van Tien, the funeral oration of Can Giuoc righteous man, etc.. with the memorial erected in 1973. on the right side of the pagoda

Quan Yin platformTon-Thanh-Pagodaright-sidepagoda-corridorTon-thanh-Pagoda-monumentNguyen-Dinh-Chieu-monument

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